Little sheep, gathered along a line

Which one of these is best for white wine?

What about this chest of drawers?

Will it be strong enough for all it stores?

Oh and what about the kids?

Do you think they’ll like this?

Mum said she needs a new table runner

But don’t you think this table cloth is an absolute stunner?

Excuse me sir but where are the shelves?

Around the corner we follow like little elves

Never deviating from the path on the floor

No, no, no! We must see the ENTIRE store

Do you know what time it is?

Hang on! We DEFINITELY need this!

That will look nice on its own

Don’t write it down! Take a picture with your phone!

Jenny told me this rug was great on her feet

Yes I know! It’s ridiculously cheap

Real leather? No I don’t think so

It doesn’t really matter though, no one would ever know

How many other colours are available?

Oh honey it’ll look great with the new coffee table!

Don’t you think this was a great idea?

That’ll be $999.95, are you a member of Ikea?


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