Why it’s Broken

Millions of hits within a fragment of time. Time and words you can’t take back. A burning hit as your tongue flicks. Each time a new cut, a new scar, a new association.

This is how it goes. The tables turned and now I sit waiting. How often can you separate yourself from reality? While I try to fight illogical attacks with reason. If your reality is so true why does it only seem right to you?

Apologies fraught with danger. Baiting and waiting. Time ticks and the reply lingers. It’s accepted but within reason.

The words have faded to vibrations, their echoes reverberating all day. The sound gone but the feelings remain. They can’t be taken back. They’ve branded their way to immortality. Forever there, forever hurting, burning.

The pieces smashed, crushed, smashed again. The tape that holds it together ages, cracks with time. Beyond repair, beyond relief. Words stinging like windswept sand. Forever in a torrent of swirling sentences.

The apologies were accepted when they should have been rejected. If she can think it’s all fixed she’ll never be able to understand why it’s broken.


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