Before you

  Time before you was a feeling. A feeling that I were either falling away, like a river throwing itself off a cliff or stuck in a vat of syrup, clawing my way forward. Mornings were a challenge. Days were a bore. Nights were just nights. Facts tell me, that before you, time moved at the same pace it moves now. But I see time differently now. Now with you, mornings are a warmth that can’t be described. With you, days are an adventure, the river moves slowly and the only cliffs I throw myself over are with you. Now, … Continue reading Before you


If you look close enough, Long enough, You’ll catch the little things. The way she smiles, The way she teases, The way she scratches at her nose Periodically, Evenly, Habitually   If you listen hard enough, Long enough, You’ll catch the little things The way she speaks, The way she laughs The way her accent ebbs and flows Lyrically, Elegantly, Intriguingly   But what if it’s more than enough? Too long, And she catches the little things The way you smile, The way you tease, The way you pay too much attention Dangerously, Affectionately, Lovingly   And now you’ve revealed … Continue reading Enough